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Don't let this be your carbon monoxide alarm

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning - Can you recognize the symptoms?

People of good health may unknowingly be experiencing CO poisoning when symptoms include headaches, sinus & head pressure, constant stuffiness, flu-like, dizziness or even chronic tiredness. These chronic or often reoccurring symptoms can lead to psychosomatic and retreating health complexities.

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Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in a Community

Best practices and lines of defense; Does the community know enough to be prepared? Here is what is needed before the injury occurs.

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Carbon Monoxide Survivor

A website made by poisoning survivors that brings a view that can only come from those that know what it is like to have been poisoned - as well as live with the long term impact. There is a shortage of information about the real impact of carbon monoxide poisoning. This site is here to change that.

Carbon monoxide: the invisible iceberg?

Carbon Monoxide Survivor interviews Bob Dwyer, CSME Carbon Monoxide Safety

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Carbon Monoxide, The Silent Killer

  • Carbon monoxide is a gas, that is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and highly toxic.
  • Every year carbon monoxide claims hundreds of lives and sends over 50,000 poisoning victims a year to emergency rooms.

About Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless and colorless gas which could be created whenever a fuel (such as wood, gasoline, coal, natural gas, kerosene, etc.) is burning.

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About Combustion Analysis

Combustion analysis is the measurement of a combustion systems' flue gases to determine the completeness (efficiency) of the combustion process. Combustion analysis is only the first step in maximizing fuel efficiency. An HVACR service technician must understand the Air/Fuel ratio, and venting adjustments necessary to accomplish efficiency.

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Carbon Monoxide Safety Training

This one day seminar is designed to provide the attendee with an understanding of the hazards inherent in carbon monoxide generation, testing procedures, an overview of combustion analysis and the relation of building pressures to carbon monoxide.

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COSA Training Schedule

COSA has a history of approved presentations servicing many private and professional associations, local & state licensing authorities’ or others requiring CEU’s for validation. The instruction is designed to help prepare a variety of service personnel for continuing certification options in their profession.

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Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO2) - 1958 - Present

The world's most current data for atmospheric CO2 is from measurements at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii.

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Combustion Analysis and Fuel Efficiency

This course is about combustion system performance and maximizing efficiency.

Specifically designed for HVAC technicians, boiler contractors, service contractors, facilities maintenance personnel and energy managers, this course is available in two formats, entry level and advanced.

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Carbon Monoxide News

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Every Day is Carbon Monoxide Safety Day

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